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    Øivind Henrik von Mehren - Partner

    Øivind specialises in tax law and has extensive experience with tax complaints, tax processes, restructuring and foreign taxation. Øivind also works with corporate law and other areas of business law.

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    Starting a company in Norway – 9 key steps

    By Øivind Henrik von Mehren - Partner 30. December 2020

    Foreign companies starting up business in Norway will soon enough encounter Norwegian compliance, formalities and reporting responsibilities.

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    Topics: Business in Norway

    Exception from limited tax liability for home office work

    By Øivind Henrik von Mehren - Partner 29. October 2020

    On October 7, 2020, the Norwegian Government presented its national budget for 2021. The national budget makes several changes to taxes and fees in Norway. In this bog post we are summarizing the temporary exception from limited tax liability for home office work.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, Corona virus

    Business in Norway - Avoid sanctions and penalty charges

    By Øivind Henrik von Mehren - Partner 6. October 2020

    As a foreign multinational doing business in Norway you should be aware of the multitude of compliance obligations you must adhere to. Failure to comply may imply severe sanctions.

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    Topics: Corporate Law

    Register a company in Norway

    By Øivind Henrik von Mehren - Partner 8. September 2020

    Anyone that conduct business activities in Norway is liable to register the company with the Norwegian authorities. This also applies even though the activities are not performed by the company itself, i.e. if the entire assignment is contracted out to subcontracts.

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    Topics: Corporate Law, Corporate Taxes, VAT

    Permanent establishment in Norway – 3 grey areas

    By Øivind Henrik von Mehren - Partner 29. October 2019

    As a main rule, Norway can only impose tax on business profits from a foreign company with a permanent establishment in Norway. Accordingly, it makes sense that the term “permanent establishment” is much-discussed amongst tax advisors in Norway.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, Work in Norway, Business in Norway

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