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    Christian Lyngholm Fjeldsøe - Associate lawyer

    Christian’s specialty is tax law. He has experience working with international tax law for foreign companies with activity in Norway and Norwegians with periods of work abroad. In addition, he works with social security law, residence permits and property settlements.

    Latest posts

    Norwegian quarantine rules and the exemptions

    By Christian Lyngholm Fjeldsøe - Associate lawyer 28. October 2020

    In the current situation, the Corona virus causes constant changes in the restrictions regarding entry to Norway and the quarantine rules. For foreigners it can be difficult to know which quarantine rules when arriving in Norway. The purpose of this blog post is to clarify the quarantine rules for entry to Norway.

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    Topics: Corona virus

    Norway – corporate tax alert

    By Christian Lyngholm Fjeldsøe - Associate lawyer 9. October 2020

    Norway is about to introduce withholding tax on interest, royalties, and certain lease payments.

    On October 7, 2020, the Norwegian Government presented its national budget for 2021, including several changes to the tax rules in Norway.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, Business in Norway

    RF-1198 and RF-1199 reporting for foreign businesses

    By Christian Lyngholm Fjeldsøe - Associate lawyer 30. June 2020

    Foreign businesses with activities in Norway are required to report their assignments and employees to Norwegian tax authorities. The report is filed through an online portal, or by completing and submitting a paper form named RF-1199 for reporting of contract and RF-1198 for reporting of employees. 

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, Work in Norway

    ID cards for building and construction sites in Norway

    By Christian Lyngholm Fjeldsøe - Associate lawyer 3. September 2019

    Most foreign companies with assignments at Norwegian building or construction sites need specific ID cards for their workers. Without these ID cards their workers will be denied access to Norwegian building or construction sites. Below we will explain further what these ID cards are, why they are needed, and how to get them.

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    Topics: Work in Norway

    Work permits in Norway for skilled workers

    By Christian Lyngholm Fjeldsøe - Associate lawyer 25. June 2019

    Foreign nationals who intend to work in Norway may need to apply for a work permit. Generally, non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals need to apply for a permit to reside and work in Norway. Working in Norway illegally may result in reactions such as expulsion, prohibition from future entry, and registration in the Schengen Information System.

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    Topics: Work in Norway, Business in Norway

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