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    Erik Engeland - Lawyer

    Erik works with labour law, social security and pension, tax, contract law and general business law. He has wide experience in assisting international companies doing business in Norway.

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    Working hours in Norway – calculation based on a fixed average

    By Erik Engeland - Lawyer 8. July 2021

    Calculation of working hours based on a fixed average means that employees can work more for a period of time, provided that they receive the corresponding time off duty later as compensation. Such a scheme may reduce the number of overtime hours. Here are the rules you, as an employer, need to know.

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    Topics: Labour Law, Work in Norway, Business in Norway

    The rules for working hours and overtime in Norway

    By Erik Engeland - Lawyer 27. May 2021

    The Norwegian Working Environment Act regulates overtime and the calculation of general working hours. It is important that the employer calculates working hours in accordance with the law and pay correct overtime fees.

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    Topics: Labour Law

    Salary on public holidays in Norway

    By Erik Engeland - Lawyer 17. March 2021

    During spring season there are many public holidays in Norway and many of these fall on days that normally are work days.  Most employees have these days off, if they are not in a scheduled rotation scheme, in a duty scheme, in the restaurant business or similar. However not all employees have a right to salary on these days - if they are not working.

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    Workforce reductions in Norway: Be aware of the employee rights!

    By Erik Engeland - Lawyer 11. February 2021

    Historically, the unions and employees in Norway have a strong position. This is particularly evident in the strict procedures that must be followed, and in the numerous rights employees in Norway enjoy in situations of workforce reductions. Even if the employer’s economic situation is critical, it is important to follow the correct procedures in order to avoid potential claims.

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    Topics: Labour Law, Work in Norway

    Norwegian holiday regulations to be aware of before year-end

    By Erik Engeland - Lawyer 1. December 2020

    The Norwegian Holidays Act states that employees are entitled to a minimum of four weeks and one day of vacation per year. However, most Norwegian employees have agreements allowing them five weeks of vacation per year.

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    Topics: Labour Law, Work in Norway, Business in Norway

    Be aware of the strict rules for termination of employment in Norway

    By Erik Engeland - Lawyer 20. August 2020

    Do you have employees working in Norway? If so then you should be aware of the extensive and mandatory protection employees are given according to the Norwegian Working Environment Act.  These rules are particularly important when dealing with the dismissal of an employee.

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    Topics: Labour Law, Work in Norway, Business in Norway

    Norwegian employment contracts – do’s and don’ts

    By Erik Engeland - Lawyer 28. July 2020

    Many foreign employers are surprised at the protection employees in Norway have. The Norwegian regulations are especially stringent when it comes to the mandatory system for holiday and holiday pay, the regulations relating to working hours and the dismissal rules. So how do you draft the employment contracts in order to preserve your freedom to manage?

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    Topics: Labour Law, Work in Norway, Business in Norway, Contracts

    Business in Norway: Sickness benefits and coronavirus

    By Erik Engeland - Lawyer 16. April 2020

    Updated 16 April 2020: We receive many questions from both employers and employees about the right to self-report / sick leave and sickness benefits, as well as care leave in case of child illness in connection with absence due to coronavirus.

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    Topics: Labour Law, Corona virus

    Changes to the layoff rules in Norway due to Corona outbreak - updated 20.03.2020

    By Erik Engeland - Lawyer 20. March 2020

    Updated 20.03.2020: Changes to the act which regulates the employer’s mandatory salary during layoff (Lønnspliktloven) as an aid to those companies that are severely affected by corona virus are in effect as of today March 20. The amendment alleviates the employer's wage obligation on layoffs from 15 days to 2 days.

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    Topics: Corona virus

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