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    Kjersti Emilie Fjær - Associate lawyer

    Kjersti Emilie works with general business law, with emphasis on international taxation. She has also experience with other areas, such as monetary claims.

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    Joint and several liability

    By Kjersti Emilie Fjær - Associate lawyer 16. June 2020

    A need for additional labour on a project is often met by employing hired labour. As a client, you should be aware of the risk of joint and several liability.

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    Check and correct your self-assessment

    By Kjersti Emilie Fjær - Associate lawyer 23. July 2019

    The Norwegian tax assessment determine the tax basis and calculation of tax liability for the taxpayer and is based on the submitted self-assessment. Have you discovered that your submitted tax return has errors or omissions? Here is a short overview of how to control and correct your self-assessment.

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    Topics: Tax return in Norway

    Employee rights in Norway

    By Kjersti Emilie Fjær - Associate lawyer 28. June 2018

    Did you know that foreign employees posted to Norway are subject to certain and important parts of the Norwegian working environment Act? Find out how your company can fulfil the mandatory requirements.

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    Topics: Labour Law, Work in Norway

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