At Magnus Legal we are fortunate to work with many very talented and fine colleagues. Here's one of them. Meet Christian Lyngholm Fjeldsøe.

Why did you decide to become a lawyer?

Simply because I like law, and I like helping people. It was a very easy decision to make.

Which legal areas do you specialize in?

I specialize in tax law / compliance, and immigration law.

What are you passionate about (work related)?

I am passionate about help making dreams come true whether it is a company dreaming about doing business in Norway, or a person dreaming about working here. 💕

What was the most interesting thing that happened at work this week?

I helped one of our clients to a favorable outcome in a case this week. The outcome is interesting because it brings clarity to a legal problem, which has never been tried before.

What do you like about Magnus Legal?

Several things, but most importantly our clients, because I really like people.

What is your favourite activity outside work?

I would have to say travelling. I love visiting new countries, to learn how things are done there, to hear a different language and get amazed by the people, their culture, and their history. ✈️🏝️🗽🗿🎭🐠


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