Meet Øystein Vaagsether

At Magnus Legal we are fortunate to work with many very talented and fine colleagues. Here's one of them. Meet Øystein Vågsether.

Why did you decide to become a lawyer?

I knew early on that I wanted to work in the legal profession. Laws and regulations are the pillar stones of a modern society, and the legal profession gives you both insight into how society works and the tools to help others.

Which legal areas do you specialise in?

I mainly specialize in VAT and customs issues, but also need to handle many of the compliance obligations that follow from doing business in Norway in general.

What are you passionate about (work related)?

Providing clear advice and useful assistance so our clients can focus on their business. That’s more difficult than it sounds.

What was the most interesting thing that happened at work this week?

I turned 40! 🎉🎁 Maybe not interesting in general but it certainly was for me. My daughter woke me up with presents – that was nice.

What do you like about Magnus Legal?

There is very little hierarchy, and whatever issues you are struggling with, a colleague always finds time to assist you. I feel that we are closely knitted together as a team.

What is your favourite activity outside work?

Whenever I find the time I like to get out and be active. I have a dog that requires ridiculous amounts of exercise, so that really isn’t much of a problem.🐕

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Meet Øystein