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    Opportunities in Norway

    By Inger Lise Løvneseth - Partner 8. October 2021

    Total investments in Norway remains at a solid level compared with previous years, and the Covid pandemic appears to have a smaller impact than expected. This means great opportunities for companies in industries such as oil and gas, construction and renewable energy.

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    Topics: Public Procurement, Business in Norway

    Import of services – reverse charge in Norway

    By Synnøve Sørdal - Partner 13. September 2021

    VAT must be paid on purchase of services from abroad If the services are VAT liable in Norway.

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    Topics: VAT, Business in Norway, Import to Norway

    Business in Norway: Tax audit

    By Martin Wikborg - Partner 26. August 2021

    The Norwegian tax office frequently conducts tax audits. You should therefore not be surprised if this hits you or your company. Our advice is to not panic and lean on professional expertise. Below you will find an overview of your rights and obligations if you become subject to a tax audit.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, VAT, Tax return in Norway, Business in Norway

    National insurance when working abroad – how and when to use the A1 form

    By Erling Larsen - Lawyer 19. August 2021

    Working abroad? Avoid paying double social security contributions by submitting the A1 form. A1 is an official EU form confirming that a person is still a member of the home country's social security.

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    Topics: Work in Norway, Tax return in Norway, Business in Norway

    Expats in Norway: Net salary arrangement - hypotax

    By Inger Lise Løvneseth - Partner 13. August 2021

    Work assignments across borders are common, but it can be a problem to recruit personnel with the right qualifications for positions abroad. One reason may be the uncertainty related to tax rates in a foreign country. Tax issues could cause doubts for employees offered international assignments.

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    Topics: Tax return in Norway, Business in Norway

    Business in Norway - contract drafting and negotiation

    By Christian Fredrik Magnus - Partner and Chairman of the Board 5. August 2021

    Contracts governed by Norwegian law are interpreted in light of a number of elements in addition to the contract text itself. Make sure that your contracts are legal and enforceable in Norway.

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    Topics: Business in Norway, Contracts

    Working hours in Norway – calculation based on a fixed average

    By Erik Engeland - Lawyer 8. July 2021

    Calculation of working hours based on a fixed average means that employees can work more for a period of time, provided that they receive the corresponding time off duty later as compensation. Such a scheme may reduce the number of overtime hours. Here are the rules you, as an employer, need to know.

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    Topics: Labour Law, Work in Norway, Business in Norway

    EU Taxonomy screening criteria – New approvals by the European Commission 21 April 2021

    By Terese Eriksen Eldholm - Associate lawyer 24. June 2021

    The EU Taxonomy sets out four main conditions for an economic activity to qualify as environmentally sustainable. One of these conditions is that the activity complies with technical screening criteria established by the European Commission.

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    Topics: Business in Norway, Sustainability

    Business in Norway: Hiring-out of labour or construction and assembly contract?

    By Inger Lise Løvneseth - Partner 17. June 2021

    To distinguish between hiring-out of labour and a construction and assembly contract is important to prevent unforeseen surprises from the tax office in Norway.

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    Topics: Work in Norway, Business in Norway

    9 things to remember for a foreign company hiring a Norwegian employee to work in Norway

    By Christina Fahle - Lawyer 3. June 2021

    Are you representing a foreign company and are looking to hire a Norwegian to work in Norway? How do you make sure you are compliant with the Norwegian rules?

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    Topics: Labour Law, Work in Norway, Business in Norway

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