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    Filing of the 2020 corporate tax return in Norway

    By Martin Wikborg - Partner 15. April 2021

    All businesses that operated in Norway in 2020 must file the corporate tax return by 31 May 2021. An extended deadline may be granted upon application.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, Tax return in Norway, Business in Norway

    Remember to file your extract of accounts to the Norwegian tax administration

    By Inger Lise Løvneseth - Partner 8. April 2021

    All companies that have assets or receive income in Norway must submit an annual tax return. This annual tax return must include, an extract of accounts related to the company’s Norwegian turnover/activity.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, Tax return in Norway, Business in Norway

    Establishing a private limited liability company in Norway

    By Christian Lyngholm Fjeldsøe - Lawyer 25. February 2021

    In this blog post we describe how to establish a private limited liability company in Norway (aksjeselskap).

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    Topics: Corporate Law, Business in Norway

    Import to Norway – VAT and customs

    By Synnøve Sørdal - Partner 18. February 2021

    Norway is not a member of the European Union (EU), but it is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA). This means that transactions of goods across Norwegian borders and to or from the EU will be regarded as import or export supplies. This, in turn, creates a few challenges you should observe before entering into an agreement with a company established in Norway. 

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    Topics: VAT, Business in Norway

    How to choose the right corporate structure in Norway

    By Martin Wikborg - Partner 4. February 2021

    Foreign multinationals that wish to expand their activities to Norway must consider which kind of legal entity and corporate structure they should use. The choice may have impact on the success in doing business in Norway as well as a multitude of legal and compliance implications.

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    Topics: Corporate Law, VAT, Business in Norway

    EU taxonomy: Sustainability becomes a prerequisite for finance

    By Terese Eriksen Eldholm - Associate lawyer 28. January 2021

    The European Union recently passed new regulations on sustainable finance. As a result of the new regulations, companies in all industries are forced to be more sustainable in order to obtain financial funding. It is expected that the regulations will be implemented in Norwegian law during the first half of 2021. The implementation will be of great importance for companies operating in Norway.

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    Topics: Business in Norway, Sustainability

    Do the right things when doing business in Norway

    By Martin Wikborg - Partner 14. January 2021

    Non-Norwegian enterprises doing business in Norway will find that the basic Norwegian compliance obligations are rather burdensome. Failure to comply commonly may results in severe sanctions. As always, it is better to do the right things from the beginning than to tidy up afterwards.

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    Topics: Corporate Law, Corporate Taxes, VAT, Labour Law, Work in Norway, Tax return in Norway, Business in Norway

    Brexit's impact on Norwegian corporations with UK management

    By Inger Lise Løvneseth - Partner 13. January 2021

    From 1 January 2021, Norway's relationship with the UK is no longer regulated by the EEA Agreement. This can affect the management of Norwegian companies if the management and/or board members live in the UK or are UK citizens.

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    Topics: Internasjonal virksomhet, Corporate Law, Business in Norway, Brexit

    VAT for foreign businesses operating in Norway: 7 frequently asked questions

    By Synnøve Sørdal - Partner 13. January 2021

    Foreign enterprises that direct their business towards the Norwegian market will at some point face Norwegian VAT regulations and must know how to act. Learning the basics of Norwegian VAT regulations enables you to get the VAT deductions you are entitled to and can also help you to avoid expensive mistakes.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, VAT, Business in Norway

    Starting a company in Norway – 9 key steps

    By Øivind Henrik von Mehren - Partner 30. December 2020

    Foreign companies starting up business in Norway will soon enough encounter Norwegian compliance, formalities and reporting responsibilities.

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    Topics: Business in Norway

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