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    Corporate tax in Norway - The basics for non-Norwegian enterprises

    By Martin Wikborg - Partner 23. January 2020

    The basic rule is that all Norwegian companies and foreign enterprises conducting business activities in Norway are subject to Norwegian corporate tax.

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    Topics: Corporate Law, Corporate Taxes, Business in Norway

    Do the right things when doing business in Norway

    By Martin Wikborg - Partner 2. January 2020

     Non-Norwegian enterprises doing business in Norway will find that the basic Norwegian compliance obligations are rather burdensome, and failure to comply commonly results in severe sanctions. As always, it is better to do the right things from the beginning than to tidy up afterwards.

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    Topics: Corporate Law, Corporate Taxes, VAT, Labour Law, Work in Norway, Tax return in Norway, Business in Norway

    Opportunities in Norway – Sotra Connection RV. 555

    By Mia Cecilie Lindstad - Lawyer 30. December 2019

    The largest individual contract within transport and communications in the history of Norway.

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    Topics: Public Procurement, Work in Norway, Business in Norway

    National insurance when working abroad – how and when to use the A1 form

    By Erling Larsen - Lawyer 23. December 2019

    Working abroad? Avoid paying double social security contributions by submitting the A1 form. A1 is an official EU form confirming that a person is still a member of the home country's social security.

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    Topics: Work in Norway, Tax return in Norway, Utenlandsk arbeidskraft, Business in Norway

    Norwegian holiday regulations to be aware of before year-end

    By Erik Engeland - Lawyer 10. December 2019

    The Norwegian Holidays Act states that employees are entitled to a minimum of four weeks and one day of vacation per year. However, most Norwegian employees have agreements allowing them five weeks of vacation per year.

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    Topics: Labour Law, Work in Norway, Business in Norway


    By Inger Lise Løvneseth - Partner 12. November 2019

    Work assignments across borders are common, but it can be a problem to recruit personnel with the right qualifications for positions abroad. One reason may be the uncertainty related to tax rates in a foreign country. Tax issues could cause doubts for employees offered international assignments.

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    Topics: Tax return in Norway, Business in Norway

    Permanent establishment in Norway – 3 grey areas

    By Øivind Henrik von Mehren - Partner 29. October 2019

    As a main rule, Norway can only impose tax on business profits from a foreign company with a permanent establishment in Norway. Accordingly, it makes sense that the term “permanent establishment” is much-discussed amongst tax advisors in Norway.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, Work in Norway, Business in Norway

    Proposal for a simplified Norwegian VAT regime for e-commerce from 2020

    By Øystein Vågsether - Lawyer 15. October 2019

    Sellers and online marketplaces will be liable for VAT on cross-border sales of low value goods to final consumers in Norway from 2020.

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    Topics: VAT, Business in Norway, Import to Norway

    Working hours in Norway – calculation based on a fixed average

    By Erik Engeland - Lawyer 1. October 2019

    Calculation of working hours based on a fixed average means that employees can work more for a period of time, provided that they receive the corresponding time off duty later as compensation. Such a scheme may reduce the number of overtime hours. Here are the rules you, as an employer, need to know.

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    Topics: Labour Law, Work in Norway, Business in Norway

    Business in Norway: Tax audit

    By Hege Katrine Mosserud - Lawyer 17. September 2019

    The Norwegian tax office frequently conducts tax audits. You should therefore not be surprised if this hits you or your company. Our advice is to not panic and lean on professional expertise. Below is an overview of your rights and obligations if you become subject to a tax audit.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, VAT, Tax return in Norway, Business in Norway

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