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Future of Europe

Conference of the future of Europe

Join the Conference of the future of Europe, this is your chance to speak up and let your voice be heard.


Everyone living in Europe is influenced by the European Union. This includes not only Member States but also other countries such as Norway and Switzerland as they are bound by treaties with the EU. However, many citizens feel detached from the European Union, or that their interests are not represented. This can in turn result in a lack of trust in the European Institutions.

If you want to have a say in shaping the future of Europe, this is your chance to speak up and let your voice be heard!

The European Union currently provides a platform where anyone – literally, anyone – can contribute and submit their ideas regarding the future of Europe. This bottom-up approach is a unique chance to have a say in how the European Union should act and develop in the upcoming years and decades.

Make your voice heard: Conference of the future of Europe

The procedure

In spring 2022, the platform will close, and all ideas will be discussed by the Conference Plenary, composed of representatives from the European Parliament, from the Council, from the European Commission, from national Parliaments and randomly selected citizens. Their discussions will lead to proposals that will be published and taken to the European Institutions which have pledged to act according to the citizens’ ideas.

Why is it important for you or your company?

Everybody can contribute to the platform and submit their ideas or comments. For example, if you are in favour of, or completely against harmonized taxation regulations all over Europe, you may provide your ideas. You may endorse closer European collaboration when it comes to social justice and jobs, in order to fight poverty. Or you may bring up ideas how your enterprise would benefit from a unified European digitalisation strategy.

Corporate Law, Consumer Protection Law and many others legal fields are deeply influenced by European Union Law. You as an entrepreneur can make your wishes, your visions, and your concerns heard.

Participate in shaping the future and make use of this democratic tool.

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