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Henrik Moen

Henrik Moen, lawyer in Magnus Legal

At Magnus Legal we are fortunate to work with many very talented and fine colleagues. Here's one of them. Meet Henrik Moen.

Why did you decide to become a lawyer?

When I was about ten years old, my father (who is also a lawyer) took me aside, looked me deep into my eyes, placed a hand on my shoulder and told me “Son… You are smart, funny and dashingly handsome. You can become anything you want in this world - as long as you become a lawyer”. So my path was pretty much set in stone from there on out.

Joking aside, I decided to become a lawyer because I wanted to help people navigate their way through the different rules and regulations our society is based upon. I also enjoy a civil discussion or disagreement, and to fight for what I believe is right. Becoming a lawyer was the obvious choice.

Which legal areas do you specialise in?

I usually work with corporate law, and I have recently taken a special interest in the rules and regulations related to sustainability.

I believe that these two areas soon will become different sides of the same coin, as all companies will have to ensure that they are compliant with the legislation of sustainability we expect implemented in the near future. 

What are you passionate about (work related)?

The most important thing to me when working is to understand the clients’ actual needs, not necessarily the thing the client believe they need. Being able to provide a client with alternative solutions, and explaining the pros and cons of each option, to ensure that they select the option that is right for them, is a lot of fun.

What was the most interesting thing that happened at work this week?

This week I provided a company several alternatives to an internal restructuring they wanted to do and worked closely with them to ensure that they chose the one that was right for their future business model.

What do you like about Magnus Legal?

Despite currently being an associate lawyer, semi-fresh off of law school, I always feel like my opinions are heard and respected. The traditional strict hierarchy of a larger law firm is non-existent, and I can always confer with my colleagues on matters both related to work or personal.

What is your favourite activity outside work?

Outside of work I usually spend time with my dog or my childhood friends. I also enjoy cooking a lot, or drifting off with a good novel. 🐕👬🍛📚

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