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    Covid19 – Norway: Measures to mitigate effects of the corona pandemic on the economy

    By Martin Wikborg - Partner 3. April 2020

    Updated 3 April 2020: The Norwegian Government has introduced several measures to combat the spread of the Corona virus and to provide economic assistance to the enterprises that are affected.

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    Topics: Corona virus

    Salary on public holidays in Norway

    By Erik Engeland - Lawyer 31. March 2020

    During spring season there are many public holidays in Norway and many of these fall on days that normally are work days.  Most employees have these days off, if they are not in a scheduled rotation scheme, in a duty scheme, in the restaurant business or similar. However not all employees have a right to salary on these days - if they are not working.

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    The corona outbreak and force majeure - updated 26.03.2020

    By Christian Lyngholm Fjeldsøe 26. March 2020

    Updated 26.03.2020: Can your company escape liability in the event of late or non-delivery? The outbreak of the corona virus has seriously put the world on hold. This poses major challenges for companies that will deliver goods and services in accordance with what has been agreed.

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    Topics: Corona virus

    Business in Norway: Sickness benefits and coronavirus

    By Ellen-Karine Hektoen 26. March 2020

    We receive many questions from both employers and employees about the right to self-report / sick leave and sickness benefits, as well as care leave in case of child illness in connection with absence due to coronavirus.

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    Topics: Labour Law, Corona virus

    Norwegian National Insurance Scheme

    By Erling Larsen - Lawyer 24. March 2020

    To be entitled to services from The National Insurance Scheme (NAV) in Norway you must have a compulsory membership, or you must be accepted as a voluntary member upon application. Examples of services provided through The National Insurance Scheme in Norway are treatment by a doctor, psychologist, sick pay, child benefit and pension.

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    Topics: Work in Norway

    Changes to the layoff rules in Norway due to Corona outbreak - updated 20.03.2020

    By Ellen-Karine Hektoen - Lawyer 20. March 2020

    Updated 20.03.2020: Changes to the act which regulates the employer’s mandatory salary during layoff (Lønnspliktloven) as an aid to those companies that are severely affected by corona virus are in effect as of today March 20. The amendment alleviates the employer's wage obligation on layoffs from 15 days to 2 days.

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    Topics: Corona virus

    Moved to Norway? Moved from Norway? Do I need to report and pay tax to Norway?

    By Inger Lise Løvneseth - Partner 10. March 2020

    Moving to or from Norway triggers many tax questions. The most common questions are related to Norwegian resident criteria and tax return obligations.

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    Topics: Work in Norway, Tax return in Norway

    5 tax deductions to claim in your Norwegian tax return

    By May-Liz Rasmussen - Tax advisor 5. March 2020

    Everyone who has capital or income from work performed in Norway must submit a tax return. The due date for filing your tax return 2019 is 30 April 2020.

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    Topics: Work in Norway, Tax return in Norway

    VAT on e-commerce (VOEC) in Norway

    By Øystein Vågsether - Lawyer 25. February 2020

    Sellers and online marketplaces are liable for VAT on cross-border sales of low value goods to consumers (B2C) in Norway from 1 April 2020.

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    Topics: VAT, Business in Norway, Import to Norway

    All you need to know about the Norwegian tax report system – a-melding

    By Christina Fahle - Lawyer 23. February 2020

    Do you have employees working in Norway? Foreign enterprises with business activities in Norway are obligated to declare employment and income information for personnel working in Norway. This also applies to personnel who are non-taxable to Norway.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes

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