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    Conference of the future of Europe

    RF-1198 and RF-1199 reporting for foreign businesses

    Opportunities in Norway

    Meet our employees – this is Inger Lise

    A European Green Deal – What you should know

    Foreigners in the Norwegian workplace

    ID control for foreign employees in Norway

    Import of services – reverse charge in Norway

    The EU's new climate law

    Business in Norway: Tax audit

    National insurance when working abroad – how and when to use the A1 form

    Rules and requirements regarding entry to Norway

    Norwegian quarantine rules for foreign workers, and the exemptions

    Expats in Norway: Net salary arrangement - hypotax

    Business in Norway - contract drafting and negotiation

    Pension in Norway – pension from the National Insurance Scheme

    Working hours in Norway – calculation based on a fixed average

    Tender for public contracts in Norway

    EU Taxonomy screening criteria – New approvals by the European Commission 21 April 2021

    Meet our employees – this is Vlora

    Business in Norway: Hiring-out of labour or construction and assembly contract?

    Norway enters into free trade agreement with the United Kingdom

    9 things to remember for a foreign company hiring a Norwegian employee to work in Norway

    The rules for working hours and overtime in Norway

    Check and correct your self-assessment

    Employee rights in Norway

    Calculation and payment of holiday pay in Norway

    Transfer of personal data from Norway to the UK after Brexit

    Doing business in Norway - subsidies for businesses looking to go green

    The rules for temporary employment in Norway

    Filing of the 2020 corporate tax return in Norway

    Remember to file your extract of accounts to the Norwegian tax administration

    Norwegian National Insurance Scheme

    Moved to Norway? Moved from Norway? Do I need to report and pay tax to Norway?

    Meet our employees – this is Christian

    5 tax deductions to claim in your Norwegian tax return

    Salary on public holidays in Norway

    Norwegian tax return: Commuting and commuter expenses

    BREXIT – Seconded employee of a UK company

    BREXIT – Some British citizens working offshore do not need residence permits

    BREXIT – British citizens employed by a Norwegian employer

    A brief guide to your Norwegian tax return

    Brexit National Insurance

    Brexit – Norway has signed a transitional agreement with the United Kingdom

    Establishing a private limited liability company in Norway

    Import to Norway – VAT and customs

    Workforce reductions in Norway: Be aware of the employee rights!

    How to choose the right corporate structure in Norway

    EU taxonomy: Sustainability becomes a prerequisite for finance

    Annual wage report in Norway

    Do the right things when doing business in Norway

    Brexit's impact on Norwegian corporations with UK management

    VAT for foreign businesses operating in Norway: 7 frequently asked questions

    Doing business in Norway: Shareholder register statement

    Starting a company in Norway – 9 key steps

    Meet our employees – this is Martin

    Pre-registration for VAT in Norway in order to deduct VAT

    Norwegian holiday regulations to be aware of before year-end

    Brexit – Seconded employees

    Residence permit in Norway

    Brexit and British citizen’s in Norway

    Work permits in Norway for skilled workers

    ID cards for building and construction sites in Norway

    Exception from limited tax liability for home office work

    Meet our employees - this is May-Liz

    Taxes in Norway - employee taxation

    Expats working in Norway may suffer Norwegian net wealth tax

    Norway – corporate tax alert

    Business in Norway - Avoid sanctions and penalty charges

    PAYE tax scheme in Norway

    5 tips for successful tendering in Norway

    Meet our employees – this is Øystein

    Register a company in Norway

    6 tips for businesses: How to get a VAT refund in Norway

    Be aware of the strict rules for termination of employment in Norway

    Tax amnesty in Norway

    Norwegian employment contracts – do’s and don’ts

    Should your business register for VAT in Norway?

    Meet our employees - this is Christina

    Joint and several liability

    Employer’s National Insurance contributions in Norway

    Norwegian business culture

    The cash support scheme in Norway for companies suffering due to the Corona shutdown

    Business in Norway: Sickness benefits and coronavirus

    Covid19 – Norway: Measures to mitigate effects of the corona pandemic on the economy

    The corona outbreak and force majeure - updated 26.03.2020

    Changes to the layoff rules in Norway due to Corona outbreak - updated 20.03.2020

    VAT on e-commerce (VOEC) in Norway

    All you need to know about the Norwegian tax report system – a-melding

    Corporate tax in Norway - The basics for non-Norwegian enterprises

    Opportunities in Norway – Sotra Connection RV. 555

    Permanent establishment in Norway – 3 grey areas

    Passed over in a public tender process? Here is how you file a complaint to KOFA.

    How to file a complaint about a public tender process in Norway

    How and when can a supplier request access to the documents in a public procurement process?

    Tendering in Norway below EU/EEA-threshold values

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