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The Magnus Legal Blog

We share relevant and applicable information related to doing business in Norway. Our lawyers focus on the practical implications for our clients of relevant business legislation, such as how to tender, how to draft and win contracts in Norway, how to establish and operate a Norwegian business and how to comply with the tax regulations.

New blogs are posted regularly. If you want to be up to speed, you are welcome to sign up for e-mail notifications of our blogs.

Tax amnesty in Norway

Avoid penalties and punishment by using the voluntary correction process, also known as tax amnesty. Read how here.

Tender for public contracts in Norway

How to tender for public contracts in Norway? The easiest way to find relevant contracts is to monitor online portals where contract notices are published.

Changes in the Companies Act

The Parliament has approved amendments to the Companies Act aimed at streamlining, enhancing efficiency, and alleviating the burden on corporations.

Norwegian Wealth Tax

Norwegian Wealth Tax can come as an unpleasant surprise if you are not prepared. In this blog, we'll give you a brief overview of what this means.

What is HMSREG?

What is HMSREG and how do you register? Get the answers in this blog and download our free guide on how to establish a business in Norway.

Norwegian business culture

An understanding of the common Norwegian and of Norwegian business culture, could really help you off to a good start when doing business in Norway.

The Norwegian Transparency Act

The Norwegian Transparency Act came into effect on July 1, 2022, and applies to "larger" businesses in Norway. Do you have it in place?

Check and correct your self-assessment

When you receive your tax assessment you must check that the information is correct. If incorrect, you can correct your self-assessment. Read morea here.

Register a company in Norway

Establishing a business in Norway and need to register your company? Heres a quick step byt step guide on how to register a company in Norway.

The EU's new climate law

The EUs new climate law was adopted on June 24th 2021. How does the Climate Act affect your business operations. Learn about it here.

Salary on public holidays in Norway

Employees with monthly salary are entitled to salary on public holidays in Norway even if they are not working. But not all employees have this right.

Taxes in Norway - employee taxation

Individuals working in Norway normally become subject to Norwegian tax from day one. Find the information you need about Norwegian taxes and employee taxation in Norway.

PAYE tax scheme in Norway

PAYE (Pay As You Earn) is a simplified tax scheme for foreign workers in Norway. Most foreign workers fall under this scheme their first year in Norway.

Import to Norway – VAT and customs

Planning on importing to Norway? Value added tax and custom rules are tight in Norway. Read this blog to learn the details and plan accordingly.

Annual wage report in Norway

All employers must provide an annual wage report to each employee or income recipient. Be sure to get your annual wage report sent by 1 February.

Norwegian tax rates

The tax percent in Norway depend on the income and it is determined with basic income tax and bracket tax. Here are the tax rates in Norway for 2023.

Employee rights in Norway

Foreign companies looking to employ workers in Norway need to comply with norwegian law. In this article you'll learn about employee rights in Norway.

Residence permit in Norway

Is it necessary with a residence permit in Norway to start work? Well, it depends on the person’s citizenship, competence, and type/length of work.

Foreigners in the Norwegian workplace

Here are the key factors to successful integration of foreign workers in the Norwegian workplace. Learn from one of Magnus Legal's partners, Relocation.

Business in Norway: Tax audit

The Norwegian tax office frequently conducts tax audits. Here is an overview of your rights and obligations if you become subject to a tax audit.

Do you need a residence permit?

Are you a British residence, working offshore in Norway? And wonder if you need a residence permit? Then have a look at this article.

Brexit – Seconded employees

Seconded employees, employed by a non-Norwegian company need a residence permit to take on assignments in Norway. Here's why.