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StartBANK registration and its benefits
Christian Lyngholm Fjeldsøe - Lawyer27. July 2023 3 min read

StartBANK registration and its benefits

Foreign suppliers looking for new assignments in the Norwegian construction industry, may find it hard to get the word about their business out in the Norwegian market. Moreover, suppliers that are already well-known in the Norwegian marked, may experience that Norwegian buyers for unknown reasons choose to work with other suppliers instead.

This may lead to suppliers asking questions like:

  • How can we make our business more visible to Norwegian buyers?
  • How can we become a preferred business partner in Norway?
  • How can we show Norwegian buyers that we are running a serious business?

As a foreign supplier you may be only vaguely familiar with StartBANK, or you may never have heard of it before. Below, we will explain what StartBANK is, what the requirements for registration are, and elaborate on why to consider registering in StartBANK.

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What is StartBANK?

StartBANK is a supplier register and industry network targeting construction companies, who want to work in Norway. The register makes it easier for suppliers to make key information about themselves visible to Norwegian buyers, who search the StartBANK database for serious suppliers.

StartBANK works as a risk management or pre-approval system and is made so that both the buyer and the supplier will have a greater degree of security when entering into agreements. For this reason, StartBANK can be seen to provide registered suppliers with a “credibility stamp” in the Norwegian marked, a sign of seriousness.

Which requirements must a supplier meet to qualify for StartBANK registration?

To qualify for StartBANK registration the supplier must:

  • Make sales in its own name
  • Enter financial key figures
  • Be up to date with payment of taxes and fees
  • Have met reporting requirements, such as filing an annual report, annual accounts etc.
  • Not be bankrupt or in debt negotiations
  • Submit complete registration documentation consisting of a StartBANK questionnaire and standardized self-declaration
  • Offer products/services that are included as part of the scheme at the time of registration

Some foreign businesses may find the StartBANK requirements overwhelming at first, especially when completing the questionnaire which adds a few more requirements to the list. However, in many cases meeting the StartBANK requirements may be easier than it seems at first. Generally, if your business is compliant with rules and requirements in its home country and intends to comply with Norwegian law while doing business in Norway, then achieving StartBANK registration is realistic. Often only minor adjustments may be needed to achieve StartBANK registration.

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Why consider registering in StartBANK?

StartBANK is used by a relatively high number of individual buyers looking for suppliers. Suppliers registered in StartBANK will therefore in many ways be given a competitive edge over unregistered suppliers.

StartBANK registration gives foreign suppliers a “credibility stamp” and increases visibility towards prospective Norwegian business partners. StartBANK registration is generally not mandatory under Norwegian law, but in some cases Norwegian buyers may require StartBANK registration for suppliers tendering for a contract.

Recently, some Norwegian buyers seem to:

  • Only search the StartBANK database when looking for suppliers
  • Require suppliers to register in StartBANK before work on an existing contract can start

It may go without saying that when some Norwegian buyers will only deal with StartBANK registered suppliers, an unregistered supplier may miss out on business opportunities in the Norwegian construction industry by remaining unregistered. An unregister supplier may not even be aware of which projects may have been lost by not being registered and visible to Norwegian buyers searching StartBANK.

More information about how we can assist your company succeed in Norway.

We have assisted foreign suppliers with StartBANK registration in the past and would be pleased to discuss how your business can get registered.

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Christian Lyngholm Fjeldsøe - Lawyer

Christian’s specialty is tax law. He has experience working with international tax law for foreign companies with activity in Norway and Norwegians with periods of work abroad. In addition, he works with various fields of law including social security law, and residence permits. In particular, he has experience with residence and work permits for skilled workers. Christian joined Magnus Legal in 2014 after working with international taxation in Advanced Solutions AS. Christian has written a master's thesis entitled “Taxation upon exit of intangible assets under the Taxation Act Section 9-14: with an EEA-based analysis”.