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 increased number of inspections from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authorities

Working hours in Norway – increased number of inspections

Does your company have workers in Norway? If so, you should know the applicable rules regarding legal requirements of working hours.

Lately, we are experiencing an increased number of inspections from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authorities regarding violations of legal requirements for working hours.

It is the Labour Inspection Authorities’ responsibility to supervise compliance with the Working Environment Act. Rules regarding working hours are strictly regulated and applies for all companies undertaken by the Working Environment Act.

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Free access to premises and necessary information

The Labour Inspection Authority shall have free access at all times to any premises subject to the Act. If subject to an inspection, you are also required to provide the authorities with all information deemed necessary to perform the inspection. Such information can include timesheets, payslips, employment contracts etc.


If the company fail to comply with these obligations prior to the set time, a continuous coercive fine may be imposed. Alternatively, if orders are not complied with within the time limit, the Labour Inspection Authority may wholly or partly halt the undertaking's activities until the order has been complied with.

If the inspection results in discovered breach of the Working Environment Act, the company may be subject to penalties. Such penalties can include company fines and criminal charges and imprisonment of the CEO, or both.

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Increased focus also from third parties

It is not only the labour inspection that are concerned about compliance with the Working Environment act. Contractors, construction clients and other third parties are also increasing their focus on compliance. Their motivation will usually be based on a desire to avoid negative publicity or to avoid other social sanctions from clients or competitors.

In order to ensure compliance with working hours regulations we recommend contacting our labour law experts for a legal review of your company’s work schedule.

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The process of dismissal in Norway

In Norway there are strict legal dismissal procedures that must be followed. This guide gives a practical overview of the steps you should take for a dismissal to be valid according to the Norwegian Working Environment Act.

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