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    6 tips for businesses: How to get a VAT refund in Norway

    By Synnøve Sørdal - Lawyer 2. September 2020

    Businesses that acquire goods and services in Norway, will be charged with Norwegian VAT to the same extent as Norwegian businesses. As foreign businesses are not VAT registered in Norway, they are unable to have the VAT repaid over the regular bimonthly VAT returns. Instead, they can apply for a VAT refund to the Norwegian tax authorities.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, VAT, Business in Norway

    ID control for foreign employees in Norway

    By Christina Fahle - Lawyer 25. August 2020

    The Norwegian Tax Administration performs identity controls of foreign employees in Norway. This means that all foreigners working onshore in Norway are required to meet at a tax office to verify their identity.

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    Topics: Corporate Law, Corporate Taxes, Work in Norway, Tax return in Norway

    Be aware of the strict rules for termination of employment in Norway

    By Erik Engeland - Lawyer 20. August 2020

    Do you have employees working in Norway? If so then you should be aware of the extensive and mandatory protection employees are given according to the Norwegian Working Environment Act.  These rules are particularly important when dealing with the dismissal of an employee.

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    Topics: Labour Law, Work in Norway, Business in Norway

    Tax amnesty in Norway

    By Inger Lise Løvneseth - Partner 11. August 2020

    Do you have undeclared assets or income abroad? Now is the right time to apply for a voluntary correction.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, Tax return in Norway

    Norwegian employment contracts – do’s and don’ts

    By Ellen-Karine Hektoen - Lawyer 28. July 2020

    Many foreign employers are surprised at the protection employees in Norway have. The Norwegian regulations are especially stringent when it comes to the mandatory system for holiday and holiday pay, the regulations relating to working hours and the dismissal rules. So how do you draft the employment contracts in order to preserve your freedom to manage?

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    Topics: Labour Law, Work in Norway, Business in Norway, Contracts

    Should your business register for VAT in Norway?

    By Synnøve Sørdal - Lawyer 14. July 2020

    In many cases it is difficult to establish whether a foreign company must register for VAT in Norway. Is there a sufficiently strong connection between your business and Norway to trigger registration obligations?

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    Topics: Corporate Law, Corporate Taxes, VAT

    Meet our employees - this is Christina

    By Magnus Legal 4. July 2020

    At Magnus Legal we are fortunate to work with many very talented and nice colleagues. Here's one of them. Meet Christina Fahle.

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    Topics: Employees

    RF-1198 and RF-1199 reporting for foreign businesses

    By Christian Lyngholm Fjeldsøe - Associate lawyer 30. June 2020

    Foreign businesses with activities in Norway are required to report their assignments and employees to Norwegian tax authorities. The report is filed through an online portal, or by completing and submitting a paper form named RF-1199 for reporting of contract and RF-1198 for reporting of employees. 

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, Work in Norway

    Joint and several liability

    By Kjersti Emilie Fjær - Associate lawyer 16. June 2020

    A need for additional labour on a project is often met by employing hired labour. As a client, you should be aware of the risk of joint and several liability.

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    Employer’s National Insurance contributions in Norway

    By Christina Fahle - Lawyer 2. June 2020

    Are you a foreign company, having employees working in Norway? Make sure you are compliant when calculating and paying the employer’s National Insurance contributions.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, Work in Norway, Business in Norway

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