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5 tax deductions to claim in your Norwegian tax return

By Ragnhild Myren Stephansen - Associate lawyer 22. March 2018

Everyone who has capital or income from work performed in Norway must submit a tax return. The due date for filing your tax return 2017 is 30 April 2018.

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Remember to file the extract of accounts to the Norwegian tax administration

By Inger Lise Løvneseth - Partner 16. March 2018

All companies who have assets or receive income in Norway must submit an annual tax return including an extract of accounts related to their Norwegian turnover/activity.

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Do the right things when doing business in Norway

By Martin Wikborg - Partner 14. February 2018


Non-Norwegian enterprises doing business in Norway will find that the basic Norwegian compliance obligations are rather burdensome, and failure to comply commonly results in severe sanctions. As always, it is better to do the right things from the beginning than to tidy up afterwards.

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Annual wage report in Norway

By Christina Fahle - Lawyer 18. January 2018

Do you have employees who performed work in Norway in 2017? Don’t forget the annual wage report.

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Topics: Corporate Taxes, Work in Norway

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