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Why choose Magnus Legal law firm?

Why choose Magnus Legal as your corporate law firm

Magnus legal is a Norwegian business law firm.  Since our establishment in 2005, we have steadily climbed the rankings of reputable and established law firms in Norway. We are a challenger and as such, to keep our position, we must continue to stay sharp and motivated. Our reputation has been meticulously crafted, and we continue to stay focused at keeping our customers satisfied with our services.

At Magnus Legal, measuring customer satisfaction is of high importance to us. The feedback from our clients is crucial in ensuring that we uphold our commitment, Satisfied Clients, Only!

"We keep our word, we deliver on time, and we stick to the agreed-upon price. Our advice should be practical and hands-on, and we always look for the best solutions."

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To fulfil our commitment to the clients, we have three focus areas:

1. Specialized Expertise

Our expertise is our competitive advantage. And the professional knowledge we possess as a team ensures that we maintain our position as a serious challenger.

The Magnus Legal team consists of legal experts, lawyers, tax advisors, and accountants. This combination enables us to provide practical solutions to issues that reside in the intersection of law and economics.

Our professional teams specialize in taxation, VAT, labour law, corporate law, contract law, and transactions. The employees collaborate across our offices, determined to maintain this specialized knowledge.

Our core competence is assisting international companies engaging in or planning to engage in business within Norway. The team is structured to provide comprehensive legal advice and reporting assistance for as long as these companies have projects in Norway.

2. Delivery Culture

We operate according to the mantra of "Delivery Culture."

Accessibility and communication are key elements, which means that we will stand by our clients on every step of the way until the project is completed. We strive to use practical and non-legal language and communication tailored to each individual client.

We initiate the engagement by identifying the advisor with the most relevant expertise for your specific question. Next, we formalize a clear engagement agreement. We keep you informed throughout the assignment. And when the assignment is completed, we summarize the result together with you, to ensure that you have received the assistance you expected.

We will ask you to participate in a customer satisfaction survey, enabling us to verify if we have met your expectations.

Our aim is to be a trusted advisor over time and to be a reliable provider of legal advice through the ups and downs of your business. You will have a dedicated point of contact while also having the assurance that we always engage lawyers with the most relevant expertise for your specific needs. We recognize that the key to success lies in a good delivery culture.

3. Best place to work 

We also strive to be the best place to work for our employees. Engaged and motivated staff members are crucial to achieve the above two goals. Being the best workplace means that we accommodate for both high ambitions and for maintaining work-life balance, in order to be an attractive workplace for talented individuals at various life stages.

Our leadership, partnership, and workforce consist of an equal distribution of women and men. Our employees range from recent graduates to individuals with over 30 years of expertise.

There is a culture of transparency, and we involve employees when making decisions. Magnus Legal is nothing without it’s Magnus Legal’ers – our team.

Our guarantee:

We keep our promises, and we aim to provide the best advice, at the right time to the agreed price. Our advice is always practical and applicable, and we are proactive and solution oriented.

We welcome you as a client of Magnus Legal.

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