5 tips for successful tendering in Norway

We are happy to give you our 5 best tips for successful tendering in Norway.

Tendering in Norway is not very different from tendering elsewhere in Europe. Through the EEA Agreement Norwegian law complies with the EU/EEA rules on public procurement. There are however some peculiarities that foreign tenderers should be aware of.

1) Language

For most competitions all the documents, aside from the contract notice in competitions above EEA-threshold values, are in Norwegian. Moreover, in almost all procurement procedures the contracting authority requests that the tender itself be written in Norwegian. Often, even appendices or qualification documentation must be submitted in Norwegian or accompanied by an official translation.

Look for specifications of language requirements in the competition document and ensure access to a good translating service as soon as possible.

2) Written descriptions

Competition documents in Norway often comprise a lot of written information, and often the contracting authority also requests the submission of written descriptions. As an example, it is common to request tenderers to provide a proposal for solutions to be evaluated under the award criteria “Quality”.

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3) Prequalification

Many major tender competitions in Norway for services or for works are conducted as restricted procedures or competitive procedures with negotiation. For such procedures the number of qualified tenderers invited to submit tenders is normally between 3 and 6, depending on the procedure chosen.

Understanding and replying correctly and pointedly to the criteria used for selecting the successful tenderers is of utmost importance.

4) Dialogue

If the procurement you wish to tender for is below EEA-threshold values but above the national threshold values, national rules and legislation applies.

For such competitions the contracting authorities have more lenient rules of procedure to comply with, including a wider possibility to use dialogue with the tenderers throughout the tender procedure.

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5) Request information

If you find the tender documentation unclear, do not hesitate to request information from the contracting authority, always within the deadline for questions, rather than make assumptions or include reservations in your tender.

Submitting tenders with reservations is a certain way of getting rejected from the competition!

And as a bonus: Start in time and ask for help if you are unsure of what to do.

The best of luck tendering!

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Article first published May 2018, updated September 2020.

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