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Tender for public contracts in Norway

How to tender for public contracts in Norway?

“The annual value of Norwegian public procurement is estimated at more than NOK 600 billion.” The marketplace is substantial, and both Norwegian and foreign entities can participate in public tenders. So how do you find relevant public contracts to tender for in Norway?

How to tender for public contracts in Norway? The easiest way to find relevant contracts is to monitor online portals where contract notices are published.

Contract notices and contract value

«It is the legislation on public procurement that governs when and where a contract must be publicly published.

All contracts for supply, works or service contracts with an estimated value above the national threshold value of 1.3 million NOK, must be made public in the Norwegian database.

For all contracts with an estimated value above the EU-threshold values, the publication must be made in TED”.

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How to tender public contracts in Norway

How to search

To find relevant contracts you can do manual searches, or you can subscribe to e-mail alerts for certain types of keywords or CPV-codes. CPV-codes (common public vocabulary) is a classification system or standard vocabulary, developed by the European Union to ensure a clear and correct labeling of the contracts published.

There are also suppliers that offers online search tools and refined e-mail alerts.

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The language barrier

In TED all notices are published in English. The procurement documents however, are almost always in Norwegian. Notices published only on Doffin, are issued in Norwegian.

Generally, all tenders to the Norwegian public sector must be submitted in Norwegian. This represents a challenge for international suppliers.  

We recommend that you find a partner with sufficient local knowledge who could assist your company in monitoring the market for international businesses, and facilitate translations if necessary.

«We also recommend that you seek assistance from a partner that is fluent in Norwegian when writing the tender. This will ensure that the tender contains complete documentation of the requirements and criteria requested in the tender documents, and may enhance the possibilities of winning the tender.”

How to tender public contracts in Norway

Magnus Legal and Inventura combine forces
In order to offer our customers the best expertise in the area of public procurement, Magnus Legal has entered into cooperation with Inventura. Inventura offers comprehensive and complete assistance, that will increase your chances of winning the competition.

Inventura is a Norwegian consulting company, specializing in procurement and public procurement, and the development of efficient value chains. With almost 80 lawyers, economists, engineers and other skilled professionals, passionate about procurement, Inventura can guide you safely through the processes connected to procurement and giving tenders in both the private and public sector. Inventura has experience from many industries and assist both buyers and suppliers. They have offices in Oslo and Bergen, and customers nationwide – and abroad.

Read more on the website: www.inventura.no/en



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