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Rules and requirements regarding entry to Norway

Rules and requirements regarding entry to Norway

Temporary restrictions on the entry to Norway. As from 29 January 2021 Norway’s borders are expected to be closed to most foreigners not living in Norway.


Updated 17 August 2021: As a general rule, unrestricted travel to Norway is only possible for people arriving from “green” countries or if a full vaccination or recovery from Covid can be proven. But travellers should always check the individually applicable rules as temporary restrictions on the entry to Norway remain. Furthermore, requirements regarding testing and registration might apply. In this blog post we will explain these rules and requirements.

Reopened borders

Borders of Norway are generally open again, but strict measures such as the obligation to quarantine may still apply.

The following groups of people are exempt from certain obligations:

If you fall under these categories, you are exempt from:

    • entry quarantine
    • testing before arrival
    • testing at the border
    • registration in the entry register
Hence, if you are recovered, vaccinated or travelling to Norway from a “green” country, you may enter Norway without the duty to quarantine.

Allowed travel to Norway

Additionally, the following groups are allowed to enter Norway at present:

    • Foreigners residing in Norway
    • Foreigners who have special reasons to enter, such as special care responsibility for persons in Norway or other strong welfare considerations
    • Foreigners who are to carry out visitation between parents and children or shared residence for children
    • Close family members of persons residing in Norway, i.e., spouse / registered partner / cohabitant, minor children or stepchildren, parents or stepparents of minor children or stepchildren
    • Journalists and other personnel on assignment for a foreign media institution
    • Foreigners who are going to stopover at an airport in Norway
    • people belonging to certain professions: journalists, maritime and aeronautical personnel, freight and passenger traffic, diplomats and military personnel, Sami people engaged in reindeer husbandry, and researchers and crew on a marine research cruise
    • Foreigners who work within critical public functions
    • Health personnel from Sweden and Finland who work in the Norwegian health and care service

Note that for these persons permitted to enter Norway rules regarding registration, testing and quarantine will apply.

Entry registration

People arriving in Norway from countries/areas that are subject to a duty to quarantine must register information necessary to ensure compliance with the quarantine obligations. Registration must be done within 72 hours before crossing the border. Registration can be done through Norwegian authorities’ online portal. A receipt will be available after registration. The person entering Norway should present the receipt to Norwegian police upon entry. register.

The registration must be filed following this link: https://reg.entrynorway.no/

Testing and quarantine

Furthermore, when entering Norway, you must take a new COVID-19 test, either at the airport or at the border. For those with a duty to quarantine, it is also mandatory to take a test on day 7 after entry. The approved test methods for the certificate are PCR or antibody rapid test. The test must be taken less than 24 hours before entry. If the person does not present such a test certificate, then he or she may be refused entry. The certificate must be in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, French or German.

Generally, travellers have to quarantine for 10 days (if they do not fall under the abovementioned categories. For a more detailed explanation of what rules apply regarding the duty to quarantine, please refer to our blog post regarding quarantine linked to below:

Norwegian quarantine rules and the exemptions

It is possible to apply for an exemption

Furthermore, it is possible to apply for an exemption:

  • Exceptions for health personnel who are protected against COVID-19
  • Exceptions for flight crew and personnel on freight trains
  • Exceptions for long-haul truck drivers and train personnel
  • Exceptions for employees who arrive in Norway to board a vessel in a Norwegian port
  • Exceptions for military personnel
  • Persons invited by the Norwegian authorities due to key foreign policy reasons
  • Top athletes eligible for the Olympics or Paralympic Games, including necessary support staff

Detailed information in Norwegian is available under https://lovdata.no/dokument/SF/forskrift/2020-03-27-470/

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