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Rebuilding Norwegian infrastructure

By Inger Lise Løvneseth - Partner 11. June 2018

Over the next 12-year period (2018 – 2029) the Norwegian government has proposed to develop the infrastructure by spending 1 064 billion NOK on roads, railways, shipping, aviation, and public transport.

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Topics: Public Procurement

How and when can a supplier request access to the documents in a public procurement process?

By Andreas W. Hennyng - Partner 19. April 2018

Many suppliers wonder if they need a lawyer to petition for access to documents in a procurement process. The answer is no. Requesting access is something the suppliers can do on their own. How to do it? Keep reading to find out.

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Topics: Public Procurement

Tendering in Norway below EU/EEA-threshold values

By Andreas W. Hennyng - Partner 1. March 2018

How do you as an international supplier, access the competitions governed by the strict national rules in Norway?

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Topics: Public Procurement

Tender for public contracts in Norway

By Andreas W. Hennyng - Partner 11. January 2018

The annual value of Norwegian public procurement is estimated at more than NOK 500 billion. The marketplace is substantial, and both Norwegian and foreign entities can participate in public tenders. So how do you find relevant public contracts to tender for in Norway?

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Topics: Public Procurement

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