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    Christina Fahle - Lawyer

    Christina primarily works with international employment and particularly with tax liability for companies and personal taxation. She assists both Norwegian and foreign clients with their obligations in Norway, including all obligations that comes with being employed in another country. Christina also works extensively with tax return assistance and complaints for private individuals.

    Latest posts

    Annual wage report in Norway

    By Christina Fahle - Lawyer 14. January 2020

    Do you have employees who performed work in Norway in 2019? Don’t forget the annual wage report.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes, Work in Norway

    9 things to remember for a foreign company hiring a Norwegian employee to work in Norway

    By Christina Fahle - Lawyer 6. August 2019

    Are you representing a foreign company and are looking to hire a Norwegian to work in Norway? How do you make sure you are compliant with the Norwegian rules?

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    Topics: Labour Law, Work in Norway, Business in Norway

    Calculation and payment of holiday pay in Norway

    By Christina Fahle - Lawyer 14. May 2019

    As an employer, it is important that you know the legislation for both calculation and payment of holiday pay in Norway. Mistakes may have financial consequences and could also lead to reputation loss for your company.

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    Topics: Labour Law

    Norwegian tax return: Commuting and commuter expenses

    By Christina Fahle - Lawyer 19. March 2019

    Do you have to live somewhere else than your real home, to work? Then you may be considered to be a commuter and thereby entitled to several tax deductions in Norway.

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    Topics: Work in Norway

    Taxes in Norway - employee taxation

    By Christina Fahle - Lawyer 11. September 2018

    Working your way through a foreign tax system can be difficult and it triggers many questions. The most common questions are related to tax liability and level of taxation.

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    Topics: Work in Norway, Tax return in Norway

    ID control for foreign employees in Norway

    By Christina Fahle - Lawyer 5. July 2018

    The Norwegian Tax Administration performs identity controls of foreign employees in Norway. This means that all foreigners working onshore in Norway are required to meet at a tax office to verify their identity.

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    Topics: Corporate Law, Corporate Taxes, Work in Norway, Tax return in Norway

    All you need to know about the Norwegian tax report system – a-melding

    By Christina Fahle - Lawyer 19. February 2018

    Do you have employees working in Norway?

    Foreign enterprises with business activities in Norway are obligated to declare employment and income information for personnel working in Norway. This also applies to personnel who are non-taxable to Norway.

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    Topics: Corporate Taxes

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